Creative Writing

When I started college my major was English Literature, but after a few years I switched over to Biology.  That was the beginning of my too complicated and too long college career, that was not without it’s life lessons.

During a summer session of Organic Chem, I decided I needed to do something to relax after those intense classes.  I have always been a big reader, of anything and everything, and I’m not too much of a snob for a romance novel. So that summer, instead of picking up a Harlequin Romance, I decided to see if I could write one myself. After those 6 hour sessions of OChem, I would sit with a glass of wine and write about a bartender and a doctor.

Recently, I found a copy of it and decided to finish what I had started.

Here is a snippet (it’s still a work in progress):

“So what do you guys think about that bartender?”  Jared said.  

Stew perked up, “Dude, don’t even try.  That lady’s on lock.  You won’t get near her.”  

“Why do you say that?”  Jake asked.

“I’m used to getting rejected by girls who are way too good for me.  I can see it coming a mile away.  Check it – no tattoo’s.  She’s not a bad chick looking to score and she’s not a romantic sentimental type either.  She keeps her hair short which is not practical for her work, means she has other interests outside of this place.  And she doesn’t wear makeup, or at least isn’t wearing a lot.  She’s not here to pick up on guys.  Plus, look at the people she’s paying the most attention to.  She’s treating those old guys like family.  I bet you this place is her’s.” Stew said, gesturing at the whole bar.  “Trust me.  She’s not going home with anybody anytime soon.  That’s no easy chick, that is a sophisticated business-minded woman and you?  Well you’re a ego-maniacal jerk, so I’d say you don’t have a chance.”  

Jake and Jared stared at Stew, “Dude, you’re like an idiot savant.”

“Yeah, man.  You’ve been holding out on us!  Tell us which girls are easy?!” Jared begged.  

“What difference does it make when you two idiots go in and saying all the wrong things?”  Stew pouted, sitting back into his seat sipping his beer.  

Jake laughed out loud drawing the attention of a few surrounding tables.  

“Alright, so you think I have no chance?  We’ll see.  We’ll see.”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”  Stew muttered.  

They spent the rest of the night attempting to pick up girls and continually striking out.  Stew was right, Jake saw that she owned the bar and worked everyone in it.  At one point he saw her as she was swinging her hair out of her face, she suddenly looked up and locked eyes with him.”