I’ve been blogging on and off since 2007.  I’ve blogged about parenting, barefoot running, makeup, music, self-help, and even high heel sneakers.  While it was low stakes, it kept me writing while I was working a corporate job and later while I was staying home with the kids.

I had over 200 subscribers when I wrote an essay about my foray into the world of soccer moms.  When it was published in The Republican newspaper, I decided to take my hobby a little more seriously.

In the last year, I’ve started consistently writing for other people. I’ve written articles, blog posts for local entrepreneurs, and even writing my very own column.

Currently I’m writing articles for The Lioness Magazine

  • I have my own column called My Startup Story where I document to conception and development of my own freelance business.
  • I wrote a feature about Kini Swimwear, a swimwear line out of Australia.  This was a great learning experience, it was the first time I had to interview people through email.
  • And this one about financial stress.

In the past my scribbles have been picked up by:

  • The Westfield News, a local newspaper.
    • I covered LIPPI graduation (LIPPI is a program that equips women to become political leaders.)
    • I wrote a feature about a local vo-tech high school
    • I covered local food pantry’s summer programs
  • The Republican
    • short and sweet parenting pieces