About Me

I’m an organizer at heart.  Be it a group of people or a stack of forms, no chaos is safe with me around!  I enjoy working as a part of a team or independently, either way I bring energy and creativity to any project I participate in.

My personal goals:

  • Continue to study Social Media Marketing and online community building.
  • Further develop my writing skills, focusing on Technical and manual writing.
  • Study graphic design so that my digital projects become more polished.
  • Start a secret society for female community leaders… Shhh!

Qualities you should know about:

  • I can be tactful and diplomatic, but I’m always honest.
  • I’m easy going but I hate to waste time/energy.
  • I enjoy hard work and challenges.

If you are considering me for a gig, then click around and check out my samples.  Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk.  You can also “subscribe” and you’ll be notified whenever I update this here resume.

Rachel Rojas